It's Really Not All About MAC

I know in the few make-up/ cosmetics posts I've done i have mentioned MAC products a lot. I just want you all to know that there are many other cosmetics lines out there. I really feel that the reason that MAC is so popular is because it is a cool, young, and surprisingly inexpensive department store brand. Well maybe not inexpensive but more like moderately priced and affordable. The quality is amazing as well and the variation of products and shades is universally appealing. They are also known for their collaborations and cute Limited Edition lines like Wonder Woman and Viva La Glam(Lady Gaga). So there is a huge appeal for women to be drawn to this brand and want everything MAC!

I do love my MAC Products and Tools but, I do use and love drug store brands equally. Maybe even more because they are inexpensive and the quality can compete with some MAC products and other Department Store Brands.

For instance, I do not own any MAC Liquid Foundations because Revlon ColorStay and Maybelline Fit Me are cheaper, high quality, and it goes on sale or you can use coupons. I haven't found any drug store brand Powders or Creme foundations that I like yet.

For lipcolor I recommend some Wet 'n Wild lipsticks that can be purchased almost anywhere. The prices range from .99 to 3.99. I also like some Maybelline lipsticks that are almost always on sale.

When it comes to Mascara, I love Dior Show! Its perfect for my unruly lashes and its thick but not really clumpy like some of the MAC mascaras I've used.

I do love MAC's blushes but NYX has a few great ones that I love like Terra-cotta and Copper. NYX also has great lipsticks, jumbo eye pencils (that can be used as eye shadow bases), eye shadows, and eyeliners.

Urban Decay has great eye shadows and eye primers

For makeup brushes, I recommend going to Target and purchasing some Sonia Kashuk brushes. Not only are they a lot cheaper but high quality.

Eyeshadow is the product I spend the least amount of money on. I only own 2 Mac Eye shadows. I love almost any drugstore brand (especially the quads!) like Loreal and Maybelline. NYX eyeshadows are very inexpensive and highly pigmented with an amazing array of colors.

So being that I'm a full time student and I do spend a reasonable amount of money on cosmetics per month you don't have to break the bank to stay updated on makeup trends. Just find the basics and what works for you. What I do is spend more money on my everyday products like my mascara, lip gloss, and face powders and spend less on lipsticks, blushes, and eyeshadows.

As always I hope this has been some help to you. Leave a comment below or shoot me an email if you have any questions or suggestions.