He is not fxcking you for your mind..

This poem never gets old. Its by one of the best female spoken word emcees Thea Monyee entitled, Woman to Woman. 

video courtesy of HBO def poetry jam/ youtube

-side note-
Call me crazy but whats up with females calling other chicks over some grimey ass negro? Girl stop. How about you deal with his lying ass before you start dialing up side chicks, girlfriends etc etc humiliating yourself while airing out your dirty laundry. NOTE* Honey if there's no ring on your finger that man doesn't owe you sh-t, but a wet ass and a headache. And your obviously not going to leave him if your sitting up dialing numbers. Stop being pathetic heaux either move on or shut up. 



Liv said...

This is an all time fav of mine. She served that poem up right!

Amber No Rose said...

yes she did!

I have this on cd.