What Would You Do?


If you knew your friend was being cheated on would you tell them? Don't be so quick to say yes. Being a friend is like taking a vow of loyalty, so simply answering yes may be harder than you think. There are consequences to everything we do. Usually the barrier of bad news is going to be looked at as the "bad guy." This can be a very messy situation, so make sure your friendship is mature enough to discuss this information. If you decide to tell your friend here are some friendly tips that may help you.

1. Make sure you are right.
-Check your sources.  I saw a friends boyfriend out with his sister and thought he was cheating.

2. Have some type of evidence.
-Take pictures. We all have camera phones.  Don't turn into an investigator and follow them around or hide in trees. Leave that for the professionals. But if your capable of snapping some quick photos then do it.

3. Talk to cheating partner optional*
-Depending on your relationship with your friends mate. If your able to approach them do so. Tell them you know whats going on and your going to tell your friend. Give them the option to tell on themselves before you have to do it.

4. Be Precise and tell your friend face to face
-Don't drag it out the situation by texting them. Arrange a sit down meeting in a private environment where you can quickly tell them. Don't humiliate them by being insensitive.

5. Show your evidence
-If your friend doesn't believe you, cover your ass. You don't want them to think your being a "hater" so show your evidence.

6. Be there for them.
-Be supportive. Although your the barrier of bad news, be the voice of reason. Avoid drive-by missions, spray painting cars, busting out windows of vehicles. etc. Remind your friend to be mature. Although those things can make them feel better, its only temporary.

7. Try not to be judgmental.
-Your friend may choose to stay with the cheating spouse.
All you can do is be there for them and be understanding.

Now my question again to you is would you tell your friend. If so I hope my tips can help you. If you wouldn't tell them tell me why. If your have been cheated on and your friend told you, how did it make you feel?

Feel free to comment below and give me your insight.



Anonymous said...

I saw my friend's boyfriend cheating on her. She knew I didnt care for him, so when I told her she didnt believe me. I'm not extra.. so I didnt take a picture or jump out with a the cheater's crew. But as long as we've been friends I felt I could tell her and not need proof. But she believed him and told him what I said. We're still really good friends, but I wouldnt do it again. I think it was more to do with saving face on her behalf. I honestly dont think she cared he was cheating, she was humilated that I knew he was cheating. I definitely agree, it depends on the relationship of you and that friend. I like the little tips you gave, maybe it'll help save a relationship. I dont agree with destroying people's personal property, so it is better to tell your friend in a calm environment, where she wouldnt get so "key" or "busting window" happy. :)

Amber No Rose said...

..Thats exactly what I'm talking about. Trying to be a friend can definitely backfire. If she believes him then your kinda stuck in a hard place.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

ive been on here a few times. u seem bitter and u always be bashing dudes, that aint right

Amber No Rose said...

Bitter? hahaha sorry anonymous person I am far from bitter. And I keep it neutral nothing I write is solely geared towards men or women. Both parties cheat.