Amber Artist Alert: KEISHA KASH + MS. JADE

This week I am spotlighting Dade County's own Keisha KashMiss Kash is Miami, Florida's newest sensation to blow up the radio airwaves. Her style is very edgy. She not only raps but she sings as well. Her sound is electronic, pop with a twist of rock.  Her latest video Bleah, Bleah, Bleah shows off her brown skin frame and rap skills. Check her out for yourself. Facebook  Twitter

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Ms. Jade is a female emcee hailing out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The talented Ms. Jade is a vet that has been on the scene for a while now. She released her first album back in 2002 entitled, Girl interrupted. Shes back with a new song/video Blowing up. I absolutely love this song. She is sampling a bit from Juicy by the late great Notorious Biggie Smalls and is also featuring D-Block representer rapper Freeway on the track. This song is definitely ipod worthy. Their lyrics are nasty and I can see this song blowing up. For more info check out:  Twitter

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Anonymous said...

Girl Interrupted was released in 2002. Ms. Jade is a vet, glad to see her back at it!!