In the late 80's I was born to two individuals who embraced their race. We moved around a lot but our neighborhoods were all the same; filled with other african american families, so I have always been raised in urban black communities. For me being in and around the "hood" has never been a stranger to me. Its practically my next door neighbor. However, I am and will always be more than a product of my race.

 I've always been that well spoken girl with friends of every shade from pale white to midnight black. I was raised thinking it was okay to be different with that said what I wore, my friends, and how I wore my hair always got me more scrutiny instead of admiration.  I have fallen victim of a stereotype, the "you talk white" syndrome.
Can someone explain this to me? Since when did colors have voices and tones. Since when was it a crime to talk with intellect? So not only am I the girl who will be followed around in nordstorms because my skin color sends off signals that I'm lost or bound to rob the place but my little voice single defys the laws of racism and justifies me of being another victim that was brainwashed by "the man"? So since I'd rather have my chicken baked then friend and my water plain without the sugar and dye im somehow out of tune with my race? Since I'd rather converse then converate I'm out of place? Since I'd rather breath fresh air instead of pollute it with smoke. Oh and since I don't know the terms of weed you know mid.. purp... I'm a joke? Since when does talking with verb noun agreement make me less black? Less down?
I walked miles in the scorching hot sun in Jena, Louisiana for the stand up for the rights of my people. The same people who judge me, because I don't talk in slang. I write poems and short stories about uplifting us, but you think of me of being untrue to my race. So before you judge someone by the vocalization get to know them.

And get your facts straight because Colors can't talk... They keep people from talking.