First Comes Love Then Comes....

When it comes to the laws of dating I myself find myself in the awkward situations and conversations. As outgoing and talkative as I may be, if  I am placed in front of someone I potentially like I freeze up like a deer in the headlights. So I came across this cute and savvy site called, "A Girls Guide To Dating.". That is where the idea of the post came about. So here are a few helpful tips when dating.

1. Don't over think it.
Simply be calm. Don't put too much thought into simple things like hair, outfit, shoes.. etc. Its just one date not your wedding date.

2. Know your surrounding and go to a public place.
I say this simply because if you can see their mannerism and if  you are uncomfortable there are people around.

3.Do something simple.
Go out for ice cream, coffee, drinks or lunch. If you do drinks know your limit. Don't get wasted you may give off the wrong impression. Order a simple drink nothing too strong. If you do lunch order an appetizer so if your not "feeling" that individual you can eat your mozzarella sticks and leave.

4. Avoid situations that will initially lead to sex.
 Nothing is wrong with sex but if you want something serious hold off on the sexual endeavors.

5. Keep your conversation fresh.
Ask probing questions that allows you to get to know your date. Avoid controversy or debating topics that could possibly lead to an argument.

6. Be you.
While this is not a job interview this definitely a process  based on first impressions. Don't lie just keep it real.

7. End the date early.
This simply shows a level or respect. This also can avoid unwanted situations and early morning regrets.

Remember dating is a process. No one is perfect. While having standards is something we all should have be reasonable.