When Cheating goes wrong

By now i'm sure you all have heard the disturbing news about former Tennessee Titan Steve Mcnairs passing. If not read the story here

Photo below Mcnairs mistress Sahel Kazemi

A couple of days before the deaths Sahel had been stopped by police and charged with a DUI.
Sahel also confessed to her friend that, "her life was spinning out of control." Interviews with friends revealed that she was making payments on two cars, her rent was doubling and she suspected the married McNair was having a second affair with another young woman.

Supposedly she believed McNair was divorcing his wife and planning to move her in because she was selling ALL of her furniture on Craigslist.
No one truly knows why Sahel killed McNair and took her own life but all I can say is this is a WAKE UP CALL to cheating spouses all over the world. You never know what someone is capable of doing, When you "lead" people on someone always gets hurt.
She told a friend on Friday that, "My life is a ball of s--- and I should end it," Never take someone cry for help lightly.

911 call listen hear

PS -I feel terrible for McNairs wife Mechelle and kids. She had no idea he was cheating on her. This is a horrible way to find out. No one wants to be cheated on better yet have to bury their spouse over some bullshit. I know so many thoughts and feelings are running their her mind. I would be numb. My prayers go out to Mechelle and the rest of the McNair family.