LOVE is a LOSING game

Amy Winehouse said it best, "Why do I wish I never played-- Oh what a mess we made
And now the final frame Love is a losing game

I held the title
Wore the crown
I was the trophy
While you ducked down

And she was cool With just fooling around
Now number four was there to ride And five was crazy his wild child
And when we're rocky He calls number nine
And you don't know
You fill many spaces
And she don't know
She's one of many lies
And he don't know How he steals many places
And we all know
We can't fix him if we tried
I would've been the one

Boys will be boys. Thats fine and everything but when do those boys grow up into men? Young Money is fucking these niggas heads up. Fuck every girl in the world if you want to and your bound to catch something.

Why has cheating become so acceptable? If you want to fuck around BE SINGLE.
Answer me this.. Why do women fuck with men who are in a relationship? <---ESPECIALLY if you know it!! Is it cute? Is it classy? Is it really ladylike? Is it acceptable? (ANSWER= NO NO NO AND HELL NO)

Ladies yall gotta stop taking these niggas back. Yeah you THINK you love him, but would he really cheat if he LOVED YOU? Fuck that temptation hooblah.. we have can fall into it IF YOU ALLOW YOURSELF. Fellas all i can say is DONT BE SURPRISED if she finds a boyfriend #2 because shes dumb enough to stay with you. And if you do get caught and shes keeps you DONT ACT ALL INSECURE.
I told you previously mothafuckas was gonna start getting killed out here.. fucking around.
Don't get McNair'd.

-Just saying


Kingsmomma said...

LMFAO @ the last sentence and the accompanying picture.

But I think some women, My old self included stay with men who cheat b/c they think it's love and don't really realize that they can do better and that what they think is love is just familiarity.

Bombchell said...

the whole cheating thing needs to stop.

Video Vix[o]n said...

damn... i mad you made McNair a verb, smh,

i read in a book that the only way men will grow up is if they have responsibilities in their lives. Prob is many boys ain't got shit to worry about, so they live their lives carefree, without responsibility. That's why they cheat; because there's no obligation involved... thats my spin on it.

☆αmbєr said...

"many boys ain't got shit to worry about, so they live their lives carefree, without responsibility. That's why they cheat;" you better PREACH. thats sad though. i know its "cool" to have the money and the cars, thes clothes and the hoes.. but if thats all your on.. then be SINGLE and live a carefree live. dont go lookin for "wifey" and your still chasing ducks

X_Skater_14_X said...

Nice blog.
Check mine out and follow and ill return the favor.

TimaNasha said...

I love your blog.

☆αmbєr said...

thanks so much