Nicki the Ninja

So if you didn't already know I love Nicki "the ninja" Minaj ( Nicki Lewkinsky..Harajuku Barbie Bitch) Lol that was super extra. But naw it was about time we had another cunty ass female rapper in the game. Khia & Shawna had one hit, Remys locked up, Lil Kim's too busy dancing for fans, Trina comes and goes so hey im feelin Miss Minaj. Plus shes super sexy <---no rainbows intended.
If you havent heard or copped her Mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty You can download it. HERE) <----OR click her picture make sure you download Treys Anticipation on the side bar too. I'm just trying to keep your speakers fresh this summer. Thank me later.

Barbie Bitch

oh i will be releasing my mix tape on my birthday in September. =)
i need help with titles.


Bombchell said...

I remember beam me up scotty was a trending topic & she beamed people to barbie status's. that was so... cute.

is the last 2 sentences u'rs? wow didnt know u were in the music biz

Video Vix[o]n said...

DAMN she fine!

she performed in Brooklyn around my house one time, but i didn't know who she was at the time. ill check her out now...

☆αmbєr said...

she is fine. =D

Anonymous said...

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