09 is not your time to shine! ..its mine

Isn't a cell phone supposed to be answered when u actually feel like answering it? ...hmm yeah thought so. Sorry if i havent been answering my phone. I've just been in my own world, dealing with my own issues and being me.

And im beyond irritated. im in my delete facebook mood. All these status about how 09 is their year, 09 is my time to shine, 08 was great but 09 is mine. ughh shut the fuckkkk up! no its not. 08 ,07 and 06 wasnt. so why do u think 09 will be any better?? i hate facebook. i just get on it on my phone when im at work bored or around people who aren't entertaining.

I chatted with the ex yesterday. It was very interesting. I wasnt sure if he was saying he wants to be with me (relationship wise) or were just coolin out. He was like aww you leaving in June to move to ATL. Im not sure how this is going to work. I was like huh? How what is going to work? I guess I give off some kind of FALSE signals to males and to make them believe i like them. When i dont. Im an asshole and really mean and nonchalant. But idk if they think im flirting or what.. but i swear im not.

I think im going to get inked up this up coming weekend.. on my lonesome.
I know all the tattoos i want. I was going to wait and save a little more so i could get like 3 at the same time.. but i suck at saving money!

Well nothing new is really going on in my life. Im just spending time with myself and loving myself. Its fun. you should try.

Well if i dont blog again.. Happy New Years! I wont be doing anything. I WAS going out of town but im cooo. My sister keeps begging me to go to church with her and i really hate going to church but i might give in. I have to work New Years Eve anyways but i heard we might go home early. If so.. who knows. I might be at the bar by myself drunk. lol

oh and ps. i think im about to do a layout change. what colors should i choose? Hmmm.

pss. I gave my number to a really cute guy. I have no idea was his nationality was but he was making me laugh. We shall see.

okay forreal. Byeee.


Sexxy Luv said...

lmao! i was thinking about creating a face book page but after reading this i think i'll pass.

what's with the ex...maybe he didnt get the memo that he was the EX!!!! my ex tried to ruin my christmas by telling me his daughter's opinion about us getting back together like it was an option. ugh!

i cant wait to see pictures of this new tat. :)

Naked With Socks On at NWSO.net said...

Three tats at once? You're a brave soul. I got my one and i was more than good... hmm, you may have sparked a blog idea...

Happy New Year and oh yeah, whatever, 09 is mine... LOL

☆αmbєr said...

sexxyluv• lol facebook is crackbook its addicting. i wouldnt do it. im cured from my addition i just hate it now.

n.w.s.o• i got two at the same time. im very brave. so i figured ill knock 3 out. and happy new years to u too. lol shine!

Video Vix[o]n said...

lmao @ facebook. what a world. it is crack sadly, but everybody wants 09 to be their year, but let them wait a few months into it, then everyone will say they can't wait till '010. smh.

Happy New Year.

☆αmbєr said...

" but let them wait a few months into it, then everyone will say they can't wait till '010." Preach!!! lol but thanks v.vixen. i hope your '09 will be wonderful!