it wasn't nothing merry about it.

okay so I officially hate Christmas. I hate the fake hugs and kisses, putting on these perfectly painted pictures in front of guests. Its funny because I used to LOVE the holidays, now not so much. Its the season of giving, well no one gave me SHIT like seriously my parents gave me didley squat. I really feel like I wasted my hard earned money.. so never again! I don't even want anything from anyone else. I dont understand why ppl cant just give me money or giftcards. people still trying to pick SHIT for me that they think is cute.. when its not!

I vow I will never spend another christmas here again!

other news..
"i ran into an old friend yesterday..... he caught me by surprise when called my name. he had a familiar face another chapter in my past" -Fantasia

so umm yeah i saw an old ex at the mall. he looked really cute surprising, but when I think of him I dwell on the past. we were so young, dumb, and naive. so thinking of us having any sort of future seems impossible. but five mins into catching up he clearly let me know he was single and wanting a relationship. hmmmm about that!

ne who if ur bored like me throughout the holidays go catch Will Smiths movie 7 pounds.. that movie was fantastic, if u haven't seen it u should! i cried at the end(in secret)

well blogfam.. I hope ur holidays will be better than mine are going. well eat lots of food, drink lots of liquor,and be safe.



Sexxy Luv said...

once you reach a certain age i think gifts and money should be the only gift that is given. lol

for me ex's = comfort and that is about all. i say if it didn't work then it damn sure isn't going to work now.

oh and i have to catch that movie everyone says it's a good movie. :)

Velly Vell said...

I Got Some Socks. Not No Special Socks Just Some Tube Socks With The Red Stripe... I Wanted To Throw Them In My Cuzzins Face.

I Gave Like A Million Gifts And Only Got Old Ugly Gym Socks.

- I hate "Ex" Encounters cuz they always go the same way ... how u doin, whats new, are u single...blah blah

i wish ex's would go move to australia after we break up.

Lucky said...

LOL @ Velle "i wish ex's would go move to australia after we break up." Cause they really should...

I'm sorry you had a sucky Christmas...although mine was good I know what it's like to want to be someplace else/away from your family at times!

☆αmbєr said...

msn i agree with velle i gave sooooo many gifts and got bullshit back in return.
lol @ tubesocks
mine wasnt THAT bad. lol

and i hate ex's. like they think they still matter when
they dont

Reggie said...

Girl...Yo ass was supposed to have a "merry" xmas....but as long as you don't give away any "leftover" xmas cookies!!!:)

☆αmbєr said...

as the title says
"it wasnt NOTHIN merry about it"

Video Vix[o]n said...

i wrote about christmas myself. my stepmoms just gave me $40 bucks and said "spend it on whatever," i was grateful, but it just didn't feel like christmas...

its really what you make of it.

Velly Vell said...

see yours wasnt that bad so be happy that u found the only person in america that had a worse christmas than you (me) lol