Mother Mary's Monthly Mayheim.

Yeah Mother Nature herself aka Mary aka (insert tampon here) is over visiting me. She has been here for about three days. She leaves tomorrow. But I really hate her ass. Why was was Eve so fucking naive? I blame her. lol So of course i'm super emotional, clumsy, annoyed, bloated.. all the above. I dropped my phone in the sink (while i was washing my face)
Cried profusely while watching Dr. Phil (suicide at the Golden Bridge episode)
Changed clothes like 4 times because nothing to seemed to fit right.
Super annoyed (with this job search)
Aggravted (my phone keeps magically turning on and off)
I think i'm bipoloar doing this time of the month.. when Mary comes to make her monthly visit.
Anyone else ever feel this way?


Lucky said...


Mother Nature can be an evil, raging bitch.

☆αmbєr said...

I know. i hate her