Don't call it a come back..

Wow. I havent blogged in forever. Sorry. The internet connection in my house wasn’t working. (that’s why) But don't call it a come back. I will be posting more often.
So lets play catch up... No i didnt run off and get married to the mailman.. Why?? Because he was undeniably a effin stand in. The next day I waited of course and some old ass black man came walking up grinning. I just rolled my eyes. I hate when old men try to hit on me. Its fuckin disgusting. Im pretty sure you have a niece, daughter.. fuck that probably a granddaughter my age. But anyways I was super mad.
Being broke aint no joke. My job search is still a job search. Lol just cross your fingers for me because i have to get the grind.
I’ve been going out like a crazed woman. Techno Clubs, Chilled spots (lounges) hip hop clubs.. Just clubbin. Hell I’m 21. This is what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m not really one to give my number out in the club, because I’m a club sipper and you all know liquor makes everyone look better.. So no new boo alerts.

Classic was Hmmmm. Dunno what to say about it. I went out the entire weekend. I had an okay time. I really hate going out with a bunch of girls because that usually equals a bunch of attitudes {super annoying} But one of the nights we went out we ran into Brian McKnight and Mike Epps at the club. (funny story) Brian McKnight was hitting on my bff The Black Barbie. It was hella funny. We took some pictures with him. (Real Groupie-ish)

I was super sad because I thought my brother James and my cousins would be in town but they didn’t come. So it kinda took away from the excitement. But I still saw a few of my homeboys from school.
Exciting news so today my BFF The Black Barbie just called me talking about to Usher concert. She is in LOVE with that man. So we will be there in November (in the Chi) We ♥ the Chi by the way. So it will be great times. Can't wait! I will make sure she will meet him. She must! lol Hopefully while we are there we can run into Common if he's not caking with Serena.. or hell kick it with Uncle Ye. That would be lovely.. just a thought.
Well i'm back bitches. So comment and come back tomorrow. I will post. I promise.


Tan Man said...

I'm surprised you didn't post the other pics a

You know you're excited to see my baby in concert too.

☆αmbєr said...

Which baby brian mcknight or uRsher

kit von b. said...

lol. mad she didn't get his number tho. y'all look cute n cunty.


☆αmbєr said...

haha. tryna get like u girl.