Music Monday: Ms. Fields

hometown: Indianapolis Indiana.
twitter: @MsCFields

When it comes to looks, talent, and beauty look no further Ms. Fields is a very talented singer who resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. I live in the same city as Ms. Fields and I must give her the props that she well deserves, she is definitely doing her thing and staying in her own lane while doing so. Don't write her off just another r&b singer Ms. Fields is a rockstar. She is the true definition that you can keep it classy and you don't have to sell your soul and take off your clothes to get fans. 

Ms. Fields recently linked up with a fellow Indy native and teamed up to release a female duo mixtape entitled,  A League of Their Own. They are the proof that females can come together and run the world. A video to one of my favorite tracks from their mixtape, Say Yeah was recently released. Watch Below
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ANR: How long have you been singing? 
MSF: I’ve been singing all my life, in the church choir, school choir and plays. Its just always been a part of me but I was very shy about it. Publicly solo I have been for about 1 ½ years.

ANR: You are very fashion forward what inspire your look? 
MSF: It’s always the people and things I see around me whether I’m walking in the mall, looking at a magazine or at work. I like to see how people put things together and think hmm what made her put that with that? I create my own look based off of my environment.

ANR: I know you may often get compared to other female singers. What makes you different amongst other artist? 
MSF: I feel like my sound and look is unique and original, I didn’t have a team to come up with this, obviously people and TV influence us all but I'm like this 24/7 and has always been. My look has matured over the years but I stayed true to myself. Same with my singing, my voice has been the same pretty much since I was 13.

ANR: I know you recently opened for Letoya Luckett who is some of your idols?
MSF: I love Whitney Huston, Beyonce and Tina Turner they were the first in their era to do something different and step outside of the box and that’s what I'm all about. I love to show out lol!! Although I don’t listen to their music as much I do absolutely love Faith Evans, Teedra Moses and Amerie. I feel like a part of my sound comes from them with a mix of the ladies I mentioned first.

ANR: I know you collaborated with a female rapper recently with your latest mix tape, how did that come about? 
MSF:She’s a bar tender at a club I was performing at and came up to me and was like “You did a great job up there and I rap as well” I told her to let me listen to some of her stuff. One day I heard it and I’m like this girl is not bad. It started off as 1 song colab then we were like let’s just do a whole mix tape. What 2 females have done that? It’s about girl power and working together to help each other succeed. She’s great that’s my girl!!

ANR: Lastly what would you want your fans and listeners to know about you? 
MSF: I am a hard worker and this means a lot to me. I love it so much I feel like if I didn’t make it, I failed. My goal is to make people say you know what she has something special and she is a star. I want you to feel me and know that it is sincere. Music and fashion is what my passion is. I really appreciate everyone’s support! Tell a friend to tell a friend that Ms. Fields is on the way!! 



Anonymous said...

shes pretty

Shawna said...

I like that song. Thanks for the download. This is cool that you guys showcase artist on the come up.