How To Tuesdays: Red Lips

Young women should not be intimidated by red lipstick. I used to see so many women wear red lipstick and it just did not look good on them at . This may have been due to an unflattering shade for their skin tone and incorrect application.
I only own 1 Red Lipstick that is pretty much universal to all skin tones. NYX Round Lipstick in Black Cherry. This color leans more to the maroon and deep reds but it is very flattering
Different shades of red's compliment different skin tones; to be more specific your skin's undertone.
If you have... 

Pink undertones in your skin or blue veins you should choose cool reds that have those same blue and pink undertones. People with these types of undertones usually have fair skin. Those with this complexion can also wear "True Reds"
MAC in "Red"
Revlon Color Stay Soft & Smooth  in "Ripened Red"
Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in "Moulin Rouge"

Golden, olive, yellow undertones with green veins, you should choose warm reds. The perfect reds will appear to have maroon, orange, and brown hues. Most women of color fall into this category.
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick In "Red Revival"
NYX Round Lipstick in "Black Cherry"
MAC Lipstick "Cockney"

How to achieve the perfect red lip?
    • Start with clean exfoliated lips. (Read how to exfoliate your lips HERE)
    • Apply a moisturizer or chap stick to your lips.  Blot off the excess with tissue
    • Line your lips with a lip liner that is close to the shade of red lipstick you are using
    • Fill in your lips with your red lip line by using small light strokes.
    • Apply your red lipstick and be careful not to over paint your liner
    • Fold a tissue in half and press your lips on the tissue to remove the excess lipstick. (this also prevents lipstick from getting on your teeth!)
    • Reapply if necessary
If you get the lipstick outside your lips you can always use a small concealer brush with a little concealer and clean up your mistakes.


ChicBrie said...

I love this post! I hate when people say dark women can not wear bold colors on their lips! Have you heard that? I just hate hearing that but I love my red lips! lol