WWYD Wednesdays!

Everyone knows women outnumber men in almost every state.  So does that give a man the right to mess with more than one woman at a time? What does that make him? A pimp? A player?  If the tables were turned and I did that what would that make me? A hoe? A whore? Slut? These double standards will ruin a person, IF they let them. Check out this scenario.

Time: 12:45am
Where: Club
Why: Celebrating your promotion at work

You’ve just received a promotion that you’ve been praying for at work.  Now it time to celebrate. You’re at the club wit your crew buying out the bar, just having a good time.  A stranger walks up to you and compliments you on your appearance from head to toe. They continue to talk to you, dance with you, and buy drinks. The club is about to end and your pretty much wasted. The stranger that you were mingling with all night approaches you and asks if you want to go grab something to eat. You’ve known them for less than 4hrs, but you accept the invitation anyway.

Now you’re eating breakfast, laughing like old friends. The check comes, and the stranger pays. It’s now 5:34am and its time for your fun night to end. The stranger walks out with you to your car; they kiss you on the cheek, but you turn your head and the kiss lands on your lips. Now you’re standing in the parking lot kissing the stranger.  The stranger asks if you want to go back to their place, you decline, but you ask if they want to come to yours. They accept.  Now you’re driving to your home in two separate vehicles tryna remember if your crib is straighten up or is shit thrown all over the place.  You walk into your home and the stranger is behind you grinning from ear to ear. You’re in the living room and the stranger kiss you again. Now you kissing and trying to undress at the same time. You’re naked and ready to do the do. It’s in, and now yall are f_cking.
After rounds of some porno type f_cking, you both pass out. The next morning you wake up with a hangover headache and a sore crotch.  You walk to the bathroom to take a shower and you looking over and realize this stranger who you’ve spent the past 8hours with is your friend’s ex.  You panic! You’re looking around trying to piece the evening together.  You’re confused, ashamed, and embarrassed. You don’t know if you were setup or if you really didn’t notice who it was.  You go to wake up the ex, and they look at you like they’ve seen a ghost.  You guys have only met a couple times in the past. You both have the same recap of the night.  Do you call and confess to your friend or do you two keep this drunken evening to yall self? Also, is anyone more wrong than the other? What Would you Do?


v badbunny said...

ahhhh!!! :(

i would say we should say nothing, tell him to lose my number and deny it until judgement day!!!


Amber. said...

I kinda agree with the comment above. If yall both on some clueless stuff leave it alone. Messing with ex's are messy.

MissThirty2 said...

I agree with you guys as well. Bc I dont think the friend would see it as an "accidental" hookup.

Thanks for commenting! :)

Amber Yum said...

Definitely act like it never happened.