Product Review: Maybelline Fit Me

I'm hella late with this review. I purchased the Maybelline Fit Me collection items well over a month ago. I was initially thrilled when I saw the commercials and the supposed ease of picking the correct foundation with the matching powder. The concealer and blush, not so much. (didn't buy the blush)  Not to mention, as I was going store to store to find this stuff I got more and more excited because it was sold out everywhere! I finally found it and picked the shade that matched me with the powder and concealer.

Foundation:  I initially picked up shade 320 and it "fit me" until I photographed myself with a flash. My skin didn't get that white glow that happens when your foundation is too light but it looked grey. I took that back and purchased Shade 350, my skin still looked grey with the flash camera. Also, after wearing it with and without primer my skin felt, gooey and cake like by the end of the day.

Powder: I have yet to have found a drug store powder that I like. I hate this powder. I tried it alone and I didn't like it because there was minimal color pay off. I put it on over my foundation and it was nothing to rave about. It also has a lot of glitter in it which makes it obvious that I'm wearing make-up. I was looking for the natural look as they promised.

Concealer: As expected this concealer is not for people like me with extremely dark spots. The consistency is not thick enough to cover my blemishes.

Overall, I was completely disappointed with this line and I have never been pleased with any Maybelline face products. There are only 5-6 shades for women of color opposed to the 12 for those with lighter skin tones. However, the packaging was cute and the price was great :p!  I suggest spending the the few extra dollars on Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation. I don't recommend this to anyone.

....Now what to do with these products?


Monique said...

I too have dark spots on my face and so far, MAC's concealer is the best to me. Hands down. Foundation, I think depending on skin type may vary. I don't care much for liquid except in the winter. Have you tried the Queen collection?

Evelyn said...

I usually fix my face up on the weekends but during the week the eyes are my thing. What's your intake on wearing makeup daily???

Amber. said...

I dont have blemished on my face on anything but I did want something to even out my skin. I finally purchased some concealer... now pray that your tips have helped me Am Bam

Amber Yum said...

@Monique I'm In love with my MAC studio finish concealer as well. I love my liquid all times of the year. I have never tried the queen collection, however I did pick a shade out for my mother and it was too orange. I'm willing to try for myself though.

@Evelyn I practically wear a full face every day. Depending upon the day's events and if I have enough time I may pile on the foundation or powder. The thing with wearing make-up daily is making sure you wash your face throughly before bed.

Thanks for the comments ladies, I appreciate them <3

Amber Yum said...

@Amber, yes, it should be easy! Just start with a clean face and hands and blend!