WWYD Wednesdays!

There's this woman that is best friends with my Aunt by marriage. This woman is also my cousin's God Mother. Speaking to my mother about this lady as I got older, my mother told me that she had a thing for my father while my parents were still together. I guess this woman thought that her and my aunt would both marry brothers (my father and uncle). Since my parents were together this woman despised my mother and her relationship with my father. I look a lot like my mother, when she was my age. Do keep in mind, my parents have been divorced for 7- 8 years.

Recently, I've been attending these events with my Aunt and Uncle and this lady is here. Whenever I see her I speak, but she is very short with me. I even caught her giving me these ugly stares and rolling her eyes at me. She often ignores me as well. This woman is twice my age and I find her behavior to be quite immature.

I have another engagement coming up this weekend and it's so annoying to be sitting in a formal environment at the same table with someone that dislikes you. Do I confront her and ask her why she treats me this way and start a possible argument or just let this one go knowing that I will encounter again and again?


Amber. said...

I wouldn't confront her unless she's being rude, or says something to you. If she keeps looking at you.. politely say "May I help you?"

If she makes a comment then go ham on her old miserable ass. lol. (ratchet amber is in effect today)

Amber Yum said...

Good advice. We'll see what happens tonight. This black tie affair might get turned up.. LOL