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What Would You Do?
It’s Friday at 7:48pm, and your running late to your weekly Girls Night Out. You’re running in the house to change your shoes, but before you leave out, you wanna check the order status for the cute shoes you just ordered.  You log onto your computer, and getting ready to sign into Yahoo, and you see that your boyfriend’s email is still pulled up.  The little voice in the back of your head is telling you to look through the emails, but you trust your man. He has never given you a reason to doubt him.  But instead of logging him out, you decide to “snoop” a little bit.
After going through about 7 emails, you find one from an email address that you recognize.  You click on the email and start reading the thread.  The email is from your best friend’s cousin, who every now and again hangs out with yall. You've known the cousin for a couple of years now, and you know the type of chick she is.  She’s messy. She likes drama regardless who it involves. She has 3 kids with 3 different men, and she is always looking for the next “baller” to trick on her.
You’re upset, hurt, and ashamed. After reading the thread, you find out that they have never had sex, talked on the phone, or met in person.  She got his email from his facebook profile and has been initiating all conversation between the two. Based on the thread, it doesn’t seem as if your boyfriend is interested in her, but why is he even responding to her? You change your shoes and leave out the house. There is so much running through your mind, and then you get a text message. It’s your bestfriend asking you to stop by and pick her cousin up (the same cousin emailing your man) because her car is acting up.  Before you can reply, BABE flashes across the screen. ..
Do you answer and go off on him? Do you remain quiet, and go to the Girls Nite, pretending noting happened? Do you tell your bestfriend her cousin is hoe, and that you wanna beat her ass? Do you go the cousin house and cuss her out, then beat her ass? WWYD?


Ms.Janelle said...

I would be mad but I wouldnt kick any ass especially if he wasnt cheating. you could have read it wrong. just ask him about it

Anonymous said...

If I was you I would go pick the cousin up then call my boyfriend. Put him on speaker phone then ask him. Two birds one stone. She would know you on to her games..he would know u don't play games.

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MissThirty2 said...

@Ms.Janelle Thats true as well. Since I know how sneaky the cousin is, I could have read into something that was no more than general convo.

@Anonymous My exact thoughts!!! Ask em at the same time and see who tells on who!!

Thank you both for commenting!! :)

Amber. said...

I agree with Mister anonymous.

don't jump to conclusions but at the same time follow your intuition. If its bothering you ask your man.