Valentine's Day Nails

Hello Lovelies,
With Valentine's day quickly approaching, here's a quick cute nail tutorial I hope you like and enjoy!

Here are the Products I used:
Orly Bonder Rubberized Base Coat
Sally Hansen Salon Polish in Made You Blush or any other Pastel Pink or Lavender
Essie Good To Go! Quick Drying Top Coat
Kiss Brush on Nail Art in Beach Pink, Beach Purple and White
The Heart Decals from the Kiss Nail Art Variety Pack
*All these products can be purchased at your local drug store or beauty supply.

I started with clean, buffed, and filed nails (and a flat surface). I applied my base coat and then two coats of the polish and let it dry for 5 - 10 minutes. Then I used the Beach Purple nail brush to make one line starting from the top left corner of my nail extending and ending on the middle right side of my nail.
*If you've never used the thin nail art brushes before, I suggest practicing a few strokes on your bare nail. I always make sure the brush is not dripping with polish. I make the strokes using the tip of the brush. To make the line thicker at the top use the most pressure at the top then gradually lift the brush for a thin end.

Next, I make another stroke on the left side of that line, parallel to the side of my finger nail.

I then use Beach Pink to make 3 lines, 1 in between the 2 purple lines that are shorter than the purple and the 2 other pink lines should be outside of the purple lines. The pink line on the right side of the nail should be half the size of the middle pink line and the pink line on the left side of the nail should extend beyond the purple line it is next to and look like this.

I then make 3  lines using White between the pink and the purple and they should look like this.
I let the nails dry another 5- 10 minutes. Its important to let them dry because you dont want your polish to smudge or move when applying the heart decal/sticker.

AND heres a picture of the heart decals...

When you apply these to your nails,  your nails should be somewhat dry to the touch. I then carefully place them at the top left corner of my nail. Use a toothpick by placing the sticker on the very end of the toothpick then pressing straight down. Also, be careful not to put it too far into the corner of the nail or at the very top.

It should then look like this.... Repeat with the other nails then apply the top coat. Also the way I like to do is it, to paint all the lines first on all the nails.. One color at a time so they will all dry about evenly.

Here's the finished result...

I hope you all enjoy this design.. And sorry about the blue tint to the pictures.. The hearts have a metallic sheen.. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an E-Mail!


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