Pucker UP!

For some reason I'm really enthused about Valentine's Day this year. I don't even have a date or anything to do.. But that's neither here nor there...

Here's a few things I suggest for kissable lips for this upcoming holiday and through out the year...

If you have dry cracked lips that are peeling..
1. DRINK MORE WATER! I can't emphasize enough how big of a role water plays in the appearance of our nails, skin, hair and lips.
2. Before bedtime, put on a lot of chap stick or Vaseline on your lips and around your mouth. When you wake up and wash your face, take your wash cloth and clean your lips. You'll be amazed at all the dead skin that comes off. I do this every night.
3. If you forget to do the overnight lip treatment as stated above, you can also use a lip exfoliant. This is perfect for quickly removing the dead skin from your lips and give them a soft texture. I use C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Buffer. Its made from peppermint oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter and sugar! Also, you can just make your own exfoliant. Use a little Vaseline and sugar, apply to your lips and rub them together until they are smooth and rinse off with warm water.

             Now that your lips are luscious and smooth let's talk about a little bit of lip color. On Valentine's day or any regular date night keep in mind that men don't really like glitter, lipstick and sticky glosses.

I would however suggest something that has nice shine and subtle color. I would wear one of MAC's Cremesheen Glasses in Boy Bait(left) and Richer, Lusher(right). I say these 2 because they compliment all complexions.

As far as the face goes, I recommend a natural face. Just a little concealer if needed and some mascara. Let your lips be the focal point. Remember.. Chap stick or lip balm first then lip gloss. I hope this has been some help to you! Enjoy your day!


Bombchell said...

we'll be each other's valentine's :)

Amber Yum said...

Yay!!! xoxo