Would You Stay in a Loveless Relationship for the Amazing Sex?

Lets say you meet this amazing person. In the beginning everything is all stomach butterflies and smiley faces after all of her phrases. They make you smile so much that your face hurts. You get excited off of the little things, such as hearing their special ring-tone. The  two of you are inseparable. You plan your days around each others schedules, so you can spend every minute talking or being around them. The both of you agree to hold off on the sex, so you can actually get to know each other.

The day comes around when the two of you finally decide to get physically. At first you are super nervous because lets be honest, if its bad the past months you spent getting to know them would have been a waste of time. You have sex. Its not what you imagined, its actually better. The sex is so mind blowing that your relationship instantly revolves around it. No more good morning text messages, now its thanks for the good night sex text. No longer are you doing anything outside of the bedroom, unless its to grab some props for your sexual rendezvous.

So my question for you is would you stick around and stay in a loveless relationship for the amazing sex or call it quits? What would you do?