Innocent Black Man Released From Prison After Spending 30 Years Incarcerated

Cornelius Dupree a black Texan man was recently released from prison after being wrongfully accused and convicted of robbery and rape in 1979.  
Pictured Cornelius Dupree Jr., right, and his wife Selma Perkins Dupree

The state of Texas recently  exonerated Dupree due to evidence of DNA. Read More Here
It is stories like this that hurts my heart. I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands people who are in locked up due to "mistaken identification." I remember watching a special on 60 minutes (I think) about how hard it is to identify someone. The state of Texas leads the numbers of states in freeing wrongly convicted felons. Since  2001 they have freed over 41 wrongly convicted inmates due to DNA testing. I don't know how much truth this is but I was told in issues such as wrongly convicted prisoners they somehow get a large lump-some of money. I'm not sure how I would feel if myself or anyone I personally knew had to spend time in prison  for something they were wrongfully accused of. But I'm sure I would be angry. Dupree stated,"It's a joy to be free again."   Stories such as this one says a great deal about our country. I hate making things such as this a race issue, but racism still exist no matter how much we (as a country) try to sweep it under the rug.  "The innocent and the beautiful have no enemy but time." - William Butler Yeats
What is something you have been wrongfully accused of? How did it make you feel? Do you think it had something to do with race? Let us know. 


bitchybeautee said...

wow this is extremely deep, and a shame. bless his heart

Cash said...

Love that quote..

But um, yeah.. I saw this on the news.. it appears he had a good "coach" because when the reporter ask "are you angry" (or something like that) I'da been straight "n" on tv! "I spent a whole 30 years in prison and you got the nerve to ask me if I'm mad about it!!" I would have gone straight HAM!!

But seriously good post!!

Amber No Rose said...

@bitchybeauty ikr

@cash girrrl i wouldn't have made the news.. lets just say that