I Gotta Get Free

I magically recovered some old pictures and poems that i lost when my hard drive crashed. I found a poem I wrote to my ex and thought I would share. This is old but the emotions are real. 

I Gotta Get Free

Failed relationships commitment issues.
I need permission for me to love you.
Labels and lies from ex lovers has got you in a frenzy.

said that’s the reason why you can't be with me.
What kind of shit is that?
Got me up stressing smoking all tweets cigarettes.
Lonely souls compatible.
karma recycling on my heart.
I'd rather be lovers than strangers
but you’d rather let us stray apart
I used to love him, I thought what we had was true
but he leaves confused not knowing what to do
Was he my lover? Technically no.
we were partners of love making, collaborating minds challenging each others egos.
Cycles of indecisiveness, Medusa liked hearts
Stone cold heavy
holding on to past failures. Now this is our result
Your peace mentality was enclosed until you met me.
Now your FREE. You said you can't breath when your without me.
Don’t talk, just listen cuz this is my moment of clarity

Whirlpools of emotions got me fucked up in the mind.
Should of listened the first time when Eve told me that love was blind.
So where do we go. Cuz I think I made a wrong turn back there somewhere.
I'm convinced love hates me. I was never a fan of its words.
I knew one day this time would come and my heart would be cursed.
I gave it my all. Patience and my integrity
speaking all these words of pain that’s been heavy on my brain
I wish you could feel it.
See it.
Shit hear it.
I fell hard although I said I wouldn't fall
Guess you can't control what destined to be.
..guess I was destined to get hurt and you were destined to cheat.
Needless to say. The history we once shared is now all a waste.
Cuz like Aaliyah I wonder how could the one I gave my heart to just let it break
But my cheeks will be stained from these toxic tears I cried.
You said the last thing you wanted to do was hurt me.
Check mark . task has been complete.
You hurt me soul.
you was my everything man. my personal Talib Kweli
I gave you everything. now I'm left with nothing.
broken dreams. empty emotions. and questions left unanswered that i have to seek
I'm left with these streaks of confusion stained on my cheeks.
I gotta get free.