Laws of Attraction

I have been cursed.
No seriously I have been cursed with some awful spell that attracts me to the wrong men. When it comes to playing cupid and hooking friends up, I'm your woman. When it comes to weeding out the bad seeds for myself; I fail terribly. 
I've been told my standards are high. Which I think they are reasonable. I was raised in a single parent home primarily by my father. So I never had a void of needing a man in my life. I demand respect. I know how I should be treated. I can smell bullshit and will alt+ctrl+delete you in a heartbeat. 

If your married  ----> Please exit left.
If your engaged ----> Please exit right.
If you have a girlfriend ---> why bother?
If you "talk" to 1100 bitties ---> you  don't need me on your team.
If you play games ----> NOTE: I am the queen of games. You will get played.

I always attract men that's in relationships. Its not okay. I'm better than that.