wide open

Dedicated to him

I was in love with the thought of loving him and vice versa.
I knew what we had was as real as u can get.
We just suffered through the distance.
Fate made a path for us to meet again.
This time we had a better understanding of our feelings.
I fell in love all over again, when our lips greeted each other
saying hello without uttering a single sound or word
he just kissed me and for that moment no one and nothing existed.
its love
trust no way this is just lust
I'm Jonesin.
I was wrapped up in the moment.
Reality set in, he showed up.
He shut me out.
3 days I was there and only saw his face for those 30 minutes
I'm on my Keisha Cole. I have to let it go.
That was fate letting me see your face just one last time.
Ctlr+atl+delete memories now erased

Do you know I cried? As if I got a call from your boy saying u died.
No one else can ever love you like I did.
This is the story of a girl who cried a river and drowned in her tears.
And people wonder why I never let others in.
I'm guarding my heart like Kobe. Never letting anyone close to me.
You diss me, then kiss me.. Then express how much u miss me.
No more love games
I'm through.
No more us, no more you.


Bombchell said...

:( ((big hugs)) sorry luv, hope u feel better soon, and you later find real good lasting love.

Dope Fiend said...

only person u can be a love fool for is me and vice versa ok!

☆αmbєr said...

bombchell -- hugs back

dopefiend -- love u sheena