Be Jealous.

I love DOWNTOWN Chicago so much. Its so much to do and see. (minus the $20.00+ parking any & everywhere you go) So the bestfriend Ashley J. and I had to drive 3 hours to Chicago to see Estelle and Solange in concert. Since no one hardly comes to Indianapolis. And it was A M A Z I N G! They both are great ass performers. We were like the first people in line (we were determined to be in the front) and we were front row center! Solange opened up for Estelle killing it in these beautiful open toed mulitcolored pumps(picture below) and a short, black and gold 3.1 mini Phillip Lim dress. I love the fact she went into the crowd and danced around with us. She's amazing and if your sleeping on her then shame on you! She did EVERY song on her album that i love. Would've Been The One, Cosmic Journey, T.O.N.Y., Sandcastle disco and a melody of her songs Chronic and God Given Name. She remixed that Devin the Dude song. it was hot. She definetly did her thing. Sound and looked amazing.
She left stage by throwing the mic stand into the crowd.. it was sooo funny. Especially since she ran off afterwards. (oh and we stole her water) haha. Groupies
Then Estelle came on.. rocking skin tight true religions, a white blazer and black top. Accessorized down with Chanel and black strappy gladiator pumps. She is a very personal and energetic performer. Her band including her three background singers were all men (i thought that was interesting) She was pulling fans on stage with her left and right. I love when artist do shit like that. Overall i had so much fun, it was worth the ride, money.. whateva.
Oh and shouts out to both Solange and Estelle for writing me on twitter. (so just made my day)

Oh and the House of Blues doesnt allow cameras.. (so we snuck them in by putting them in our shirts)
So enjoy. (no zoom)


Tan Man said...

OMG u can hear me singin in the Solange video...I'm mad that them writin you on twitter made my day too. We are so friends with them now. What a great show!!!

☆αmbєr said...

hahaha. yeah i can hear your loud ass.

were so stalkers for stealin the girls water but whateva.

gotta love twitter.

Amber-Alert said...

lol i saw them last week when they were in bmore and i LOVED the show!! solange had those shoes on to they are HOT!

Tan Man said...

I'm glad u took that pic head looked so fat uughh lol

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.