its been a long time coming

omg im so sorry i really have been busy. believe it or not ive still been keeping up with everyones blogs i normally read. this job i have doesnt allow me much time to do a thng. i be soooo tiree yall. my life has done a 360 when it comes to friends. im drifting further away from my ''childhood'' friends. ppl have been showing their true colors. one of them just had a baby. its 4 of us who have been friends forever and not only did she not let us (me and blackbarbie) be god mamas, t.t.'s none of that but she didnt even call to tell us she had her baby. im not going to lie that shit hurt but its her lost. another friend is so effin petty it makes no sense. im so tired of bein the bigger person. id rather not deal with it. yes its worth it and yes ive thought about it. im good its just sad things have really come to this. thats life huh


Jaded said...

Hi- Well, you know sometimes life is just like that. I've been slighted by friends too. Honestly, if you have even ONE friend from childhood, you're really quite blessed.

I'm lucky enough to have two!

But there are always new friends to be had and bonds to be formed. :-)

Brothers Blog said...

yEAH unfortunately people (fam and friends) all eventually show their true colors. And all it does is make you appreciate the real friends you have even more. You just have to distance yourself from those that aren't real and cling to those that remain true.
like you said that is life.

☆αmbєr said...

Hey Jaded.. girl i so agree. one friend is better than no friends right???

Brothers Blog.. man u have all the right things to say.. i so agree. im keeping my distance from everyone who brings negative energy to my circle. im too old to be worrying about friendships.. esp when im trying to follow my dreams =)