I'm a single black female addicted to retail.

Its colder than that thang here! They said its supposed to snow tomorrow (that's some foolishness) Tomorrow I'm supposed to go vote. Obama or die!!
and guess what people.. dun dun dun (i gotta job) it took long enough. i do not wanna work there though.. but i cant complain i need some money.. i NEED too much stuff. my needs are usually wants though:
<--Bestey Johnson purse
3 more tattoo's. Yes 3 of em.
1 piercing
my chestnut ugg boots
this leather jacket (PICTURED BELOW)
new pea coat.
juicy perfume
nikon or canon camera. (for my amature photography purposes)
cool pix digital camera. (i own a video camera and TWO digital cameras already.)
New phone upgrade time (blackberry curve) or (instinct)*sidenote* i work for sprint now so i get a discount. i already have sprint so i decided to stay. i really want that gold blackberry but i think imma just get the red curve and buy a gold face plate.
carols daughter (products)
some new glasses (chanel)
and a Yorkshire or toy poodle =)
SAVE for hella trips me and Black Barbie are taking.
Oh i have soooo many more things i want but as you can see they are all frivolous

Love life.. uh oh.
So this guy who is pretty much the male version of me wants to "talk / talk"
im soo unsure about the situation. Yeah i want a new boo but im not sure if i wanna jeapordize our friendship. Plus he is exactly like me. down to the nitty gritty. soo wouldnt it be a little boring? Plus im still stuck on "Fred" should i give it a try or leave it alone? HELP!!


Lucky said...

Girl...you are me...
I luvv Carol's Daughter (that Groove Shea Souffle is the BIZ), I was soo happy when I got my Uggs for my b-day and I soo want a tat and my cartilage pierced and just...sigh...

We're not frivolous, we just like the little things in life :)

☆αmbєr said...

lol yeah i like alot of those smaller things.

Sexxy Luv said...

so how long is it going to take you to get all of this?....lol

I say go ahead and "TALK" with your homeboy if the friendship is real it won't ruin a damn thang!.....plus it's getting cold who doesn't wanna be boo'd up for the winter! lol

☆αmbєr said...

haha. a couple of months girl!!!
its not that much is it?

kit von b. said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn...i'm dying to go back to the betsey johnson store but i cant go in there and not drop @ least 300.


Brothers Blog said...

congrats on the new job.

☆αmbєr said...

kb. girl who are u telling. i want soooo much shit. i wish i could stop wanting for stuff or marry a billionare so this shit wouldnt matter.

brothers blog. thank you!!!! times was hard