HMmmMMm? Question?

Question: How will you ever fall in love if your afraid of it?

My ex boyfriend and i were talking lastnight. Were actually really good friends now. We dated a few months in college and i broke up with him because i started liking him too much. Crazy?? i know but thats me. i hate getting close to ppl and showing i'm vunerable. when and if i do ..i run away. He HATED me for a while. but got over it. now were super close friends. im like that with the majority of my ex boyfriends. Anywho. He asked me that question lastnight and i seriously was at a lost for words. (that never really happens) but "the cat caught my tounge" hmM. so what do u think?


kit von b. said...

girllllllll. if i had the answer to that i'd be PAID.


☆αmbєr said...

lol i feel you.