i'm coooo

weekend wrap up.

  • went to the ultra ice lounge with Ashley-Ashley. and her dad. haha. sounds crazy but her pops is mad coo. & he got some drank... and it was reggae night. if u didnt know i [heart ] reggae music and the culture in general sooo i had fun. i dont think Ashley Ashley was feelin it tho. but it was coooo.

  • the 4th. okay. the day started out all yucky. our family effin cancelled the cookout. so i went to the mall with Ashley-Ashley and was lookin 4 sum shoes to wear for the night. our dumb asses didnt know the malls closed early so we just downtown shoppin and smilin like wow its not crowded at all. not knowing we had like 7 minutes until it closed.
  • saw my cousin robyn there. her bad ass son is chasing me around the stores with "poppers, snappers" and is throwing them at me. it was funny.. UNTIL his ass broke my necklace.
  • the is my first year not going downtown with my family to watch the fireworks. corny but its just something we do. so it was kinda sad.
  • went over ashley-ashleys grandparents house.. grubbed. lite up our own fireworks. did some karokee :] and we were supposed to go out. didnt though. loooong story. kicked it with my bro reggis.. chatted it up and watched my fav. movie love jones. end of nite.

  • my dad oh annoying self woke me up at like 10 talking about get up were going to the park. family time. ughhh nigga please. i dont do parks. insects flying. sun blazin. ughh not feelin it. so i rolled over and went back to sleep.
  • went over my cousin whitleys.
  • went to the park w/ my fam. it was good to see everyone. it was a mini fam reunion. all my fam from detroit came down. [except my fav. shannon. ughh] didnt eat. was being wayyy to sociable.
  • went to texas rd house. saw jenny, jesse, shawna and sarah l... those were my girlies.
  • went out. broadripple is coooo. bleeker street was coooo too. just hot as hell. [partied with my cousins, ashley, the boys bbh, oh clinton oh fake ass too] left the club. being sociable. i actually gave my REAL number out. kudos to me. lol
  • lol to. the guy almost gettin ran over by a car just to cross the street and attempt to spit game at me , lol to my street corner cooooo ass friend from england, lol to adam & the crew not being able to get in the club "fake id cant get in the club lookin ass" over all it was a fun filled wknd full of laughter, family, friends, and eats. cant get no betta!
  • end of the wknd results. almost got shot ridin down 38th street. saw some dude get jumped. so sad but atleast they werent shootin. nap is crazzzy
  • seriously planned on going to church. i seriously slept in until 3 pm. toooo trifilin. but thats the way it goes when try to live this party/ single life.
  • went to my little baby cousin blakes b.day party. day 2 with the fam. had fun
  • currently chillin with my bestfriend ashley. sad shes leaving tomorrow. its bittersweet. i feel like the summers over now =[ .. well it damn near is
  • thats my weekend folks.