Space Ships.


One of my favorite poems. I wrote this is 2009 I believe.
My Head is to the sky waiting on them spaceships to pass by.
Spending a buck
fifty on material things just so I can look fly.
Crowded room but he’s the
only one I perceive.
Nappy hair twisted up.. Feeling his vibe --

Grinning lips.. Happily awaiting a pristine start.
premature hearts open again.
When it was just ripped apartI’m in a trance
his tone has got me zoning.
I listen with ease.
Feeling like Hannibal cus
my ears eat up his words like a disease.

It seems like I fall more that I stand.
hearts been beaten up yet I dive back in all over again
The jealousy the
good, bad and the lies.
I want every part as long as its him by my
I’m ungrateful but I try to stay faithful through it all.
wondering eyes are going to be the death of me.
Since my heart keeps catching
all my falls.

"Mama always told me to be careful who i love AND Daddy
always told me to make sure he's right."
So I play games and act like I don’t
like him just to see if I’m worth the fight.
Afraid of being hurt. We all
But when I think my hearts durable it's still sore.

I put my girls
before you cus I know they will still be there.
I Did it so much he left.. thought i didn't care.
Said I was
childish but I say I was being safe.
So I live with no regrets cus the past
is the past.
but with each new face its like the same script different

Time persistently ticking..
my mind is never latent..
..Physically missing his being.
I long for
him once more.
But i Gotta keep it pushing & stay on track.
Linkin Park i'm by myself & i can't look back
ipod blasting next lifetime
by Badu
realizing my self-worth
instead of settling to be with u

two fingers up
shades on my
looking at the sky..
waiting on one of them spaceships to