Does loyalty have an expiration date?

When it comes to friends I have definitely had to opportunity to have some of the greatest people God created in my life. I shared memories both good and bad that will never be erased, no matter how hard I wish some of them could be zapped. I hold onto secrets that will never be uttered from my lips. I've grown to love my friends like family. I may not be close to all of them anymore, but I still have a sense of loyalty and respect for them that will never go away.

I recently was put in a weird situation and found out some low down grimey shit that one of my former besties did. Basically she tried to talk to a guy that I once dated. No we are not close anymore, but wheres the loyalty? Is there a sudden extinction of men or are you that thirsty to date one of my past moments. My feelings are really hurt behind all this. I feel like our entire friendship was based on a lie now. This is why I'm so guarded and keep my circle tighter then cherrio.

 I'm honest with myself and I can admit that yes I have trust issues. Nothing hurts greater than to be hurt by someone you love. I am not a perfect friend or lover in any way shape or form. There are plenty of things that I have previously done that I am not necessarily beaming with joy about but I learned and grew from my mistakes. If your someones friend and supposedly so close that you identify them as your "sister" there should be certain things you wouldn't do to someone you care about.

Although we aren't close anymore we once were. Loyalty is not supposed to have a expiration date. What bothers me the most is she is one of the main people who claims to be real, yet you do some of the very fake things that takes away your loyalty card. If she was that conniving to go behind my back and attempt to talk to my ex, who knows what else she is capable of. Friends don't share men. Friends aren't supposed to lie and be sneaky. If they are they we're never your friend to begin with. This is why girls don't get along with other girls. Bitches are catty and sneaky. Keep your friends close and enemies closer. Lesson learned.



Ashley said...

I know how much this really hurt you. I remember when you were telling me, I was like WHAT??NO!!!

I've always wondered what happens to all the secrets that friends share when they were so close and now they aren’t as close. Do you start telling those secret or do you keep them quiet as if yall were still friends? Even tho we aren’t close friends anymore, do you still have that same loyalty to me?

This was a bad situation, because now it questions all of her motives. Was there ever any loyalty or was it an honest mistake and she forgot?
This scares me. It hurts like hell when you love and care about someone and once the relationship are over, you find out something grimy like this happens. What is the response? Honestly, I don’t know. All you can do is pray that your friends do turn into the family that you can trust and don’t have to worry about sneaky stuff like that.

**Sorry so long. You know how I feel about friends and loyalty. **

Amber Lee. said...

Thanks Ash. Yeah you know I was hurt. This kinda fucked me up in the head, but you live and you learn right? Just because she made that mistake I would never go there.

KeshaKash said...

Damn ..and to answer the title. ..NO Loyalty does NOT have an expiration date .... I don't have many friends but the ones I do have have a special place in my heart! No matter if there circumstances may change which they won't = ) but I'd never even think to date one of my friends ex man NOR drag her name through the mudd!! Sometimes is think people don't truly understand the meaning of loyalty! I mean seriously out of respect and common fuckin sense WHY would she want to even go there with the guy ????

Amber Lee. said...

If I knew I would tell you. IMO for some people loyalty expires if the friendship ends. For me I still care about her. I may not kick it with her or talk to her on a norm but we were once bestfriends.