2011 BET Awards RECAP

06/26/11 was the day we've been hearing about for the past couple weeks for the BET Awards. Now I've been watching the awards since they have been airing, and I always found myself wanting more.  It's like BET is scared to push the envelope. It's always so safe. Mary J. Blige opened the show in her all white. It was coo, but not a show opener IMO. Kevin Hart did a good job hosting. I loved the intro with "Kevin Psi Kevin." (check it out here)

 LaLa looked gorgeous and so did Eve. My girl Eve has stepped her game all the way up!  

 I was definitely digging Jill Scotts' performance and she looked good ! 

Some of the Winners : Chris Breezy took home the Best Male R&B Artist.  Diddy Dirty Money took home the Best Group Award. Shouts out to Uncle Ye for winning the Best Male Hip Hop Artist. and Wiz Khalifa
took home Best New Artist. **sidenote** AmberRose looked BAD as always.

Trey Songz performed some songs then brought out Kelly Rowland. I was feeling Kelly's performance until the end when she unbuttoned her shirt and threw her hat and tie.. Confused face. She sounded really good tho. (video)

K.Hart had a skit throughout the show called "The Real House Husband's of Hollywood." It starred Nelly, JD, Bobby Brown, Nick Cannon, and of course Kevin Hart.  It was actually funny. Even the Basketball Wives star Tami Roman had a small apperance.

The Braxton's sang a pretty song and presented the Gospel Award. Love those girls.

Gladys Knight presented the Lifetime Achievement Award. The tribute seemed last minute and unprepared. I didn't really care for it. CeeLo took it a little too far.. She called Marsha Ambrosia a "Bad, Bad Heifer" ..Shirley Caesar...

Cali Swag District came and paid their respects to their member who was killed a couple of weeks ago. There was a performance by Uncle Snoop and Warren G. REGULATORS !

Drizzy, Ross, Weezy and Khalid performed my song of the summer "I'm on One" I freakin love this song! (here) I swear I fuks wit Rick Ross so heavy. I love him, titties and all. :) lol

..Big Sean is hottt shit...

It times for the viewers choice award and the viewer announces the winner is Chris Brown.. then she say no its Rhianna.. talk about awkward. Then later K.Hart clarifies it was actually Chris Brown who won. And they wonder why he got a bad temper, they always messing with him. #teambreezy

Closing out the show that had a televised performance of Beyonce in India. Talk about disappointed. We love Beyonce here at ANR , and she wasn't even live.

Overall, I would give the awards a C. I can complain about my dislikes but what difference would it make? They will bring the awards back again next year doing the same thing. Anywho, check out so more pics from the night.
5 Heartbeats

Carmelo and LaLa Anthony

AmberRose and Wiz

The Very Sexy Idris Elba

Taraji P. Henson

Nelly and Ashanti


Amber Lee. said...

I didnt watch the preshows so i missed all the fashion. but its a black event so its not like i missed much. but u know how i stan for la-la's cute ankles and she was working it in that dress and cute ponytail.

best performance definitely beyonce and she wasnt even live. breezy definitely killed it as well. im not a trey songz fan so i was bored until kelly came out. i hated that hat.. i was confused at first i thought she was lip syncing.. but she dude a great job.

rick ross whats going on with him and chrisette again? his performance at the beginning was weird to me..

alicia keys is washed up to me.. i dont like her anymore.. shrugs.

k.hart was a great host. i was cracking up the whole time especially at real house husbands.

i thought patti's tribute was rushed and i love grandma patti with her cute self.

mary j didnt wow me. where was method man.. hell bring out kci.. do something.. she has too man hits for that performance to be that dry.

and shouts to will and jada paying bet so their kids could "tie"

i give it a c as well. kevin did great but bet always has a lack of quality when it comes to award shows.. you can tell they were penny pinching.

Ashley said...

LaLa KILLED IT! Skinny ankles and all. I just love that picture w/her and Carmelo. So cute. it look like he was saying, "Come to Daddy baby. Turn around and let em see it." lolol

So I'm almost 99% sure Kevin Hart will be hosting the remaining BET Awards for this decade. BET will use the same host 5years in a row. Switch it up a bit. And I'm sure he's the host for the BET Hip Hop Awards this year too.

Rick Ross is definietly feeling his self. Drake didn't perform either for Aston Martin but they performed I'm on One. Weird.