Are You A Flirt or Just Thirsty?

Dehydration is a problem not only in America, but all over the world. But this is not the dehydration from being deprived of liquid, this form of dehydration is when one is simply too thirsty when it comes to dating. Let me explain.
I'm single and I often give my number out to guys. As outgoing as I am very few people know that I really have social anxiety. I hate being approached by strangers of any gender, especially if it's a guy that's trying to get at me. If I am I usually hold my breath and get super nervous, which causes me to burst out into random laughter. So if your asking for number I'll usually give it to you just so you can get out of my face. Due to the alarming rate of excessive liars, men cheating on their wives and girlfriends I  came up with a process to weed losers and potential "situations." In two weeks I can usually decipher through your bs and tell if your worthy of my time. This is what I call the Thirsty Trial.

IMO these a few examples on knowing if a dude is a thirsty duck :
  • He buys you a drink in the club, then stands next to you all night like this $8.00 drink cost a stack or something.
  • He stunts and whips out car keys,  pulls out bands of money, and/or throws money in the club trying to get your attention 
  • Minutes after exchanging numbers, he calls trying to hold a conversation or  wants to see you.
  • He asked for pictures and/or he voluntarily sends pictures of  his body parts
  • He bluntly and consistently asks you if he can eat you out and you haven't had sex yet.
  • He invites himself over to your crib without asking
  • After just meeting him he wants you to meet his mama.
  • He tells you he loves or really likes you and you just met him
  • He starts stalking you. Requesting to be your friend on facebook and twitter. Not only does he add you but he adds all of your friends whom you have never introduced him to.
When dealing with these thirsty ducks you can't be nice. That's the problem. Personally I hate embarrassing people, so unless you look like Eric Williams I'll probably take your number. That's why I'm in the situations that I am in now, but I blame my social anxiety. Girls need to stop leading these men on. If you just want to be his friend, set the bar at the beginning. Don't invite him over late at night trying to watch movies in your dimly lit bedroom, then get mad when he tries to smash. If you like him simply for his money you don't have to boost his head up if the sex is whack. That's why all these boys are walking around thinking they are plumbers that can lay pipe, when they can't even fix the toilet. Ladies if your reading this post and your thinking damn I do that too. Well you as well as Thirsty Teddy are in need of quenching your thirst, so lay off the juice. Its not a good look.


Ms.Janelle said...

Yes I hate thirsty guys. Its like come on you can not possibly be that desperate.

Amber. said...

Girl. Its not a good look for anyone