Now I aint sayin she a gold digger

...But she aint fxckin with no broke n-gga.

I'm sure we all remember my Uncle Yezzy's song, "Gold digger," if not you may want to come from under that rock you've been sleeping under. Anyways his song got me thinking. Do men really think all women come with some sort of price tag and can be paid for? Let me explain. My bmf  (best male friend) told me he gives his chicks a $500.00 limit and thats it for them. As crazy as this sounds, he blatantly emphasized how serious he was. Basically after his chicks reach their limit, he cuts them off. I personally don't think all women are scheming to get a quick buck from a dude, but if your giving I'm sure we will gladly take. Who doesn't like nice things? Personally I can't exclusively converse with a man solely based off of his income, trust me I've tried and failed. Now don't get me wrong, I like the finer things just like the next broad but I can get whatever I want on my own without the assistance of a man. Now if my "situation"  wants to spoil me I wont complain at all, I just believe there is just more to a relationship besides how many pesos I can fit in my bag. If we share no common ground besides the attraction to your dead presidents, and your willingness to share them; it probably wont work. My spending and your tricking will eventually run its course and will get old, as does everything else without any true substance behind it.

I'm all about my money like the next person, but its my money that matters, not anyone elses. I won't even go out to dinner with someone (even if I know they're paying) without my own stash of "just in case" cash. I have trust issues and I think all people have some shade in them. In college I had a date from hell, with this guy with 26 inch rims on his car. At the time we were all struggling college kids and I was 6 hours away from home at college. So living off campus and having a vehicle was a big deal, especially if  you had rims on your ride. Long story short we pulled up to the movie theater and he leaned over to ask me if I needed him to pay for me? (excuse me while I pick my face up) I couldn't believe this stunting ass dude tried to play me. Luckily I had my debit card, but damn. I could have said yeah, but the word NEED is something I couldn't get jiggy with. I didn't even go hood Amber on him either, only because I didn't drive, but that's another story. Lesson learned.

Men often play themselves and put out on some "oh I'm tricking" type of sh-t. I've witnessed it more times than I can count. I feel like relationship wise, I need to be with someone who is either on my level or above for anything to work. I say this because I can handle my own, but if you expect for us to grow we have to grow financially. I can admit I am bourgeois as hell and I have a lifestyle to maintain. I like pampering myself with nice things such as: clothes, shoes, vacations and trips. Yes, these are materialistic things but that's what makes me happy. Whoever said money can't buy you happiness lied and was broke when they said it. If you don't have any money your always worried, stressed and depressed. That's not cute. Who wants to live like that. I know we all have hard times, and that's normal but just keep that sh-t to yourself..

 Gucci Mane said it best, "want a bad b!tch gotta have bric..!" Okay maybe not bricks, but money does give you a boost. Hell look at Eric Williams (from the basketball wives) if he didn't have money I'm sure Jennifer's ass wouldn't have glanced his way. So the next time you call a girl a gold digger, maybe your just a broke n-gga. Keep up or get left. 


Lenisha said...

Your right if Jabber Jaws did not have money he def would not have Jennifer #SMH at least get you a cute baller #TheFuck lol

Amber No Rose said...

lol "jabber jaws"

Dae said...

preach u need to write a book! lol dudes are cheap af thats the only issue

Amber No Rose said...

lmao I'm working on it!