Product Review: Nail Polish Strips

Here I am walking in Wal Mart and I come across these new Sally Hansen: Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. They are similar to Minx but affordable and Do It Yourself!

I've personally have been obsessed with the idea of Minx so I tried this Sephora x OPI x Minx product over the summer. I was highly disappointed. The strips were thick, did not stretch, they lasted 1 day, and they didn't fit all of my nails even though the packaging stated 16 varying sizes.

So, last night I opened tiny box and here's what was inside.   The instructions, the actual nail strips, 3 sided emery board, and orange stick.

Now these instructions were so easy to understand and the application was a little time consuming, but it definitely was worth the wait. It took me a little over an hour to do both hands. I used the pattern called "Collide-O-Scope"

They also have an array of solid colors, patterns and metallics.

I would definitely recommend this to EVERYONE! I just put them on last night, but so far so good. Here's my finished result.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product already.. Definitely going back for more :) If you Roses try it out tell me what your experience was like.


Monique said...

I saw these last night in Walmart. Definitely going to pick up some

Amber No Rose said...

yeah amber yum has me wanting to try them out too.