Ambitious Girls

"Just want you to have something to listen to maybe in the morning."

So I'm sure most of you have already heard Wales mixtape by now. Well I listen to one particular song everyday, "Ambitious Girl."  The lyrics just move me. I love Wale as an artist because he always makes songs like these. So many times I find myself questioning if something is wrong with me since I am single. I know I'm on my shit. I'm chasing my dreams and it sometimes seems impossible to find a mate to compensate my aspirations. This song  just gives me hope and lets me know he is still out there. If you haven't heard the song please listen, and if you have soak in his words. This song is so truthful and moving.

To all my fellow ambitious girls out there on the grind... keep grinding

Wale - Ambitious Girl by THELAIR

Ambitious girl, the drive-drive me crazy
I'm tryna stay with you, lay with you
I'll pay your tuition, pray with you if you aint into wishin
I'm tryna fxck the shxt out your aspirations see, the last one I dated, I hated
we wake up, i go to work, she leave out
come back with some make up, high heels, and a purse, or
worse i ask, "Babygirl, what you aspire to be?"
she reply to me like, "why you perspiring me?" bxtch..
pardon me if I'm sweating you but,
I wanna see something else in you before I invest in you
ambitious girl, (what you sitting for)
I'd rather you tell me to hit you later,
because you gotta finish a paper
then to be in my face asking for a rose' cup
see these bxtches can't cut in yo business
I'm in love with your business
and your productivity is the reason I interest, ambitious girl
see, I like the person that you are,
but I'm in love with the person that you have potential to be
and all your dreams sharing with me
and your secrets baring with me
and the flaws, you aint even got to mention to me,
ambitious girl, you just wanna win, and you'd rather chase your dreams,
then to try to chase these men
that try to chase these skirts
that try to chase these shots with flavors that not even as sweet as her my ambitious girl, I wont forget you,
I just reflect on how I aint met you, yet boo
you somewhere, getting your life in order
so for the time being, i hope this (over scribe) might support her
support her, or work her, she worth it