we are just f#cking!

Girl you REALLY think he's going to be with you and you fucked before getting to know each other? I've drilled that into my head over the yrs. fuck first = no relationship... then i grew up.
sex is sex.
male & FEMALES alike both think about sex all the time. Its apart of our lifestyles. (ex: music, tv, pda) 9 times out of 10 you wouldn't bother giving your # to someone that you wouldn't fuck, or see yourself being with, right? Ladies don't flake out on me, we all have said, "he can get it" at one point in time. Don't get me wrong i'm not & never have been "loose", but i'm simply human and real enough to admit sex is just sex. its a sensation we all long for. if your a virgin (sucks to be you) lol no seriously if you are congrats, its a beautiful thing to save yourself but chile your missing out. lol. if your celibate and trying to be a born again virgin, i feel your pain. i've had my share of drought. I've gone 9 LOOONG months straight without the "D". but when your getting "it" on a regular your just so much happier. (back on subject)

sex buddies--> is it possible to be such friends without feelings being hurt? yes. personally i have been in the situation a few times. my opinion is you have to let the situation be known. yes you might like each other, hence the sexual attraction but "thinking" your in love isn't neccessary if you have a mutual and honest understanding. Many girls seek love from sex, which is all types of WRONG WRONG WRONG. you will confuse yourself, and end up alone left fucking your dildo. So many girls become too attached and the"what are we" questions start pouring out their mouths way too soon. if your a guy asking a girl this question, your soft as shit and you need to man the fuck up.
But if you have to ask what are we, you aint shit. your insecure and you need to find yourself before trying to jump into something that your unsure of.
remember (most of you) are not in highschool anymore so jumping into relationships isn't cool anymore. if you want someone to take you serious take the time and get to know them. make sure your on the same page and are both willing to put in the EFFORT for the same type of relationship. (example if he's looking for something serious and your still weighing your options why confuse and complicate your situation with a title if your both not eye to eye?)

Ladies if you want him to take you serious stop letting him disrespect you. calls after midnight = booty call time. stop fooling yourself boo boo.
if he really wanted to see you or "spend time" with you he could have made plans earlier or skipped out on going to the club.
now if your just fucking, go ahead and answer, hell dont be afraid to make your own late night calls. just remember no matter how real & honest you are being, your playing a game. we have the power of the pu$$y so play the game right & keep the ball in your court.

step your cookies up (don't be a loose goose) and give your cookies to whoever has milk. And wrap them cookies up chile, these diseases are no joke. and its too many members in the babymama club. have fun but be wise & smart.
amber shawty


Kingsmomma said...

i agree. Sex is just sex, ppl complicate it for lack of understanding and honesty. Did a whole post about that.

(vixenchick) said...

i agree with everything you said...and lol at 'wrap them cookies up' : )

have a great weekend, sugar!



Bombchell said...

lmao Girl u are sooooo funny!!! thats why I love u.

but your on the money.

Ashley Ashley said...

Okay so yea I think sex is sex and like u said both ppl gotta kno the deal. he can't think yall fuckin and u lookin for love or a relationship. Females are born to have uncontrolable emotions that they feel they need to show to prove they care or whatever. But that's them being soft. As long as we both kno we fuckin its coo. But when he start talkin bout I love you then I'll have to change his name to "don't answer" but right now having sex first is damn near necessary before starting a relationship. Bc Ill damn near breakup wit a nicca if he come to the bed wit a lil wee-wee. Ill get up and call my other lil freak.

Reggie said...

*steps up to the mic and taps*

Ummm..Thanks Amber for keeping it 100!!!!

*steps down*

☆αmbєr said...

--im super late.. but
@Kingsmomma i agree. the lack of honesty is what complicates shit.

@vixenChick.. girl you gotta keep them cookies wraped up before they go stale and are no good.

@bombchell . love you too michelle. and i need to ask you something a-sap.

@Ashley.. im dying laughing. "But when he start talkin bout I love you then I'll have to change his name to "don't answer". -- so true

@Reggie .. its nothing but a hair flip boo.