New Videos

I saw Pleasure P live last summer at this little summer jam in Indianapolis. I've been a fan since. So over course we have all played that bf number 2 song out.. but this is one of my fav. songs from his cd the video is really pretty too check it out love muffins

buy his cd here. its pretty dope believe it or not.

And the lastest song from my favorite ex memeber of Destinys Child Letoya Luckett.
When i first heard the song i was indifferent but now its stuck in my head.
watch the video tell me what you think

Day 26 (truth is) I see Diddy really promoting these dudes. They have another video called girlfriend thats out.. but its low budget no point of posting. But i like this song.. heres the video

Wiz Khalifa is a really dope artist too. Hella people be sleeping on him. He reminds me of a modern day Talib Kweli. (my opinnion) The video for Name on a cloud/ wussup is real chill it has a old school feel.

HE'S BACKKKKK my favorite rappers favorite rapper Jay- Z is back with D.O.A.
the video is coo. I love this song. Note he wasnt referring to Kanye.. seeing that Ye produced it. lol.. i been real defensive on his behalf lately. Anywho heres the video

And my favorite Kanye with my favorite song from heartbreaks & 808's Street Lights video.. Yall already know i LOVE it!!! Only he can do the cartoon videos.

which ones did you like?


Amanda Allison said...

OMG Thanks girl soooo much for posting Hov's DOA video! I missed the premiere and I've been dying because I didn't have a chance to watch it til now. Thanks!

☆αmbєr said...

your welcome doll face

Velly Vell said...

love the hov video... makes u pay attention to the lyrics more so than the video

wiz khalifa... ill pass.

streets lights is my favorite song on the 808s album but that video wasnt what i expected... thumbs down.