I fly like kelly.. i glide like skates

So my bad. Somebody wrote me on twitter.
guess they follow my blog and asked me if i was done blogging. not really. but its nothing exciting in my life to really blog about but the same shit, or some negative shit.. and im trying to stray away from it. soooo i will do it jezebel style (my old blog) and post videos that im diggin. and i do a throwback one..

Eric Benet- choclate legs

Twister - Wetter

Jeezy - Dont do it

ginuwine - last chance

Nicole Ray- make it hot


Bombchell said...

I must be really sleep, or.... cuz I dont recognize the names of a bunch of those vids lmao.

girl u know I already follow u on twitter lol

☆αmbєr said...

lol girl the videos are new & thanks for following im following u as well