and my head keeps spinnin..cant stop having these visions

n-word #1 wont STOP CALLING. im honestly annoyed he doesnt want diddly squat. USUALLY i would be geeked but im over him
n-word #2 wont STOP CALLIN PAST 2am! the DISRESPECT. it aint shit open that late except whitecastles and legs. pure fuckery...he has me all types of fucked up right now. calling @4am talkin about he's about to come get me NEGRO PLEASE! the d isnt THAT GOOD

my laptop is broken
my pockets are broken = im broke
LIFE IS BORING.. i dont like any guy... this sux
thinkin about bartending school. its a couple weeks (i heard) thinking about becoming a sugarbaby i NEED a sugardaddy lol
oh and i HATE FLO-RIDA! the rapper not the state. i get annoyed when his songs are played.
i wanna cut my hair &
get lots of tattoos

okay im being random

over and out blog world
oh & everyone with twitter leave ur twit names here so i can folllow u. im addicted

later suckas


Sei'Lani Britagne said...

hahaha all of what you said summed me up. i fuckin haaat Flo-Rida. ihate plies too. but my celibacy is only because... im not a fan of dick period. BOOOO!!! haha

☆αmbєr said...

yeah i hate plies too. hahaha

and ur not a fan of dick..whoa