didn`t cha know

Random Facts About Me
•i was named after the yellowish, goldish "Amber" colored school bus lights that my dad saw after leaving the hospital to go to work.. after i was born. better than Fabien, Antoinette and Jazmin.(other name choices)
•im 21 but dont look, feel or act 21
•im soooo mean and blunt to ppl i dont care about, or if someone is getting on my nerves.
•im weird and random
•i've never dated anyone darker than me. i used to be so picky. im over that stage now
•im afraid to get fat
•i watch ATL and Love Jones all the time
•i love gangsta bang bang shoot em up movies
•i cry like a baby when i read books and during movies
•i hate when ppl stare at me, someone wants wat i want simply b/c i want it, try to prove me wrong, dirty fingernails and long fingernails on guys, dirty shoes, wrinkled clothes and dirty ears (just to name a few pet peeves)
•i love gay male friends! they are the best
•i love chicken lol thats the only thing keeping me fron beinga vegetarian
•i want see the world
•ive never missed an episode of Desperate Housewives
•ive had the most boyfriends but i only count like 3
•i was almost a mother at the age of 18
•im afraid of commitment
•i believe in karma

•i love being alone, yet fear being by myself
•im obsessed with Robert Nesta Marley
•i love old school music
•im afraid of clowns, hospitals, animals, bugs, thunderstorms and old white men
•im afraid of living more than im afraud of dying
•ill try anything once
•i kissed a girl and i didnt like it lol
•i'll kiss almost anyone
•im not big on religion
•i have 2 bestfriends named Ashley
•i wanna get married but i dont think i ever will
•i can sleep the day away
•i'd rather text then talk in my phone
•i love Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, Common, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Teedra Moses, Jay,Talib, Mos Def, N.E.R.D., Natasha Bedingfield and bands!
•if i dont have my cell phone i dont feel safe
•i havent had sex in almost a year!
•i love post it notes!
•i have a slight case of ocd
•i lose 2 friends each year
•im extremely close to my sister
•i techinally have my own house although its my dads house
•im nocturnal
•i dropped out of college
•i plan on moving to the Uk in ³yrs
•i think all babies are ugly at first. but i'll still say awwww.
•im sarcastic as hell
•im tired of writing this list
....part 2 later


ShonaVixen said...

My desk is full of post it notes too...lol...
Gosh Love Jones is my fav movie of all time!!
and i also believe in Karma....
was interesting to read more about ya!!

ayana. said...

ugh. yes.

i always think babies are ugly, a baby has to be super ridiculously cute for me to say so, and even if it is, i'll find something else to pick at it about.

my friends think i'm horrible for it, but i'm like would you rather i not lie and instead of saying "awww", said "damn that lil bastard is horrendous"?

good read.

☆αmbєr said...

shona.. lovejones=my life and im a post it note freak

dopeness..lol i promise babies look like little aliens. ill be pissed if i had a baby and ppl are like ur baby is so cute i would cuss em out.

thanks for reading

Velly Vell said...

Your A Very Interesting Person.

Babies Are Ugly As Hell When First Born.

And Why Are You Afraid Of Old White Men? lol

☆αmbєr said...

lol thanks
yes babies are ugly! their scary lookin until there atleast a month
and i think old white men will rape me lol i always have bad dreams about it lol

Velly Vell said...

lmao WTF

☆αmbєr said...

lol swear.

☆αmbєr said...

lol swear.

Reggie said...


Your so special...Let me get your glowsticks!!!:)

Velly Vell said...

Lol like is there a certain age range of old white men that scare you ? LOL

☆αmbєr said...

lol reggie... glow sticks

velle- lol im not comfortable with all of em. like ages 35+

Sexxy Luv said...

we have to much in common for me to name which ones! lmao scary right?!?


i think all babies are ugly at first that i do not agree with my babies were cute and still are. lmao.

☆αmbєr said...

lol but ur a mother so of course u dont feel that way. once im in the situation i might think differently

but lol @ us being the same. guess were long lost sisters