Birthday fun.. haha nope

hey bitches..
sorry i havent blogged in days... i just havent been in the mood. anywho.. about my big day. 9.12. =birthday.. hmMMm lets see besides dinner it [my new hair cut revealed]
pretty much sucked. it rained from 9.11 - 9.13.
people backed out at the last minute... so the atlanta trip was cancelled. Chicago.. wasnt fun at all. so thats basically it. if i didnt have an attitude. i was close to having one. all i did was waste money. $$$$$$$$$$$
thats my wrap up. i damn near need new friends. lol

im really anticipating classic. hopefully it will be enjoyable. no rain, or snow (indiana weather is crazy)

ive been talking to [mister c] again. i cant let go. i dunno why. its super hard. but im happy where we are at. our relationship is super weird and cant be discribed in any way shape or form.. but i like it this way. I like being friends.

i met someone new but he is mad annoying ALREADY.
i dont understand why guys call as soon as i give them my number.
ughhhh thirsty! all he does is text and call me. its tooo much. too soon.

im over everything.. everyone.. im seriously on some solo stuff.
getting my thoughts together.

leave me be.