Heads or Tails?

I decided to let a friend that I have known for some time now, "test me." lol we’ve been doing the 1 - 2 for a minute plus a little shit talking and kush can do a lot. We’ll call him RaShad. Its 9:48pm and I’m listening to this mix I got from my cousin with all the 90’s and early 2000 R&B jams and blowing on some loud. I get a text from Rashad:

Rashad: how u wat (I hate when he says that to me)
Me: Chilling... blowing...
Rashad: Come match
Me: Come to me
Rashad: On the way
Me: yup

Now since we’re just cool ::friends only:: no need to change my clothes or get cute for him (I have on sweats and a tank top). Twenty minutes pass, and he’s knocking on my door wit something so strong, I can smell it from his pockets. He comes in with his eyes real low,a fresh cut, and his pearly whites cheesing harder than a kid in a candy store. I never noticed how attractive he was until then. For some strange reason I had a sudden urge of wanting to change my clothes and I don’t know why. I told him to roll up while I take a shower. Before I take my shower, we blow one and a half and I headed to the bathroom. Now I’m nervous. All these weird feelings that I normally never get around him are suddenly presented.

Twenty minutes later I get out the shower, get dressed and head to the couch where he is waiting to pick up where we left off. We immediately start blowing, (on #4 now) while cracking jokes and talking shit to one another. We have previously had a real intense sexual conversation, and it left me with wet panties and thinking what if? He starts talking about how he wants to teach a Sexual Intellectual Class at a local college. We both burst out laughing because he’s so serious. He continues to give me good reason why he would be perfect for the job. Midway through the conversation, he takes his hand and places it on my thigh and keeps talking like nothing happened. I got up and walked into the kitchen to get something to drink and when I turned around he was standing in the kitchen with me smiling. I laugh at the awkwardness, and walk back to the living room. He walks behind me and says, “Let me taste you so you’ll have a better understanding of why I should teach a class.” I laugh and sarcastically say, “OK” followed by “I’m kidding, I’m good, I believe you.” Now he’s looking at me and he’s standing so close that I can smell his Usher VIP cologne. He pulled out a dime from his pocket and said, “If it lands on head, you have to let me taste you.” Mind you, we’ve been blowing for the past hour and that itself sends electric charges through my body. He’s smelling so good and looking just as tempting so I agree to his "game." The next thing I know the dime is in the air, it hits the side of the couch, rolls to the ground and lands on: HEADS!

I instantly became weak. I couldn’t believe it really landed on heads. Now I had a choice to make. Either back out or let my friend, my homie give me this bomb ass head he always talks about. The decision was made before I could say a word. Next thing I know, I’m lying on the couch, and he is tearing off my leggings and panties in one swift pull. He immediately starts going to work! I uncontrollably start moaning, rolling my eyes, biting my lip and then I got it the big O. (actually I came 3 times) He sits up and starts laughing. I smiled and he starts to roll up again like nothing ever happened. Now I’m sitting on my couch with this big ass wet spot under my ass and this foo is rolling up another breezy. I wanted more but I didn’t know if giving it to him would ruin our friendship. We smoked some more and he bounced.

Fast forward a couple weeks, now he’s texting and calling like nothing ever happened, but the only thing is I can't stop thinking  about getting more head. He’s still talking shit and he has me wanting to give it to him. Since the coin toss, nothing has changed. He’s still my homie who I love to talk shit to, who also has great head. I am a very emotionless person, so the chances of me catching feelings are slim to none. I doubt it for him as well. I just don’t want us to stop being so close and cool. So should I let him know I wanna f_ck him or should I leave it alone? Heads yes or Tails no.


Yana Nichole said...

I say, GO FOR IT.
what do you really have to lose? If you know you wont catch feelings and he wont either then hit him up and say whats on your mind. If it leads to something more then, it is what it is. he probably secretly has a thing for you....

MissThirty2 said...

I agree. Its weird because I always think guys catch feelings before girls and that's not what I want. I still want him to be my male BFF. (lol)

Thanks for commenting!! :)

Amber. said...

I dont know why your fronting.. I told you to do it... you wouldn't have blogged about it if you didn't want it MissT. I'm just saying

Ms.Janelle said...

I agree with Yana Nichole. Go for it. You never knoe until you try =)

MissThirty2 said...

@Amber I just wanted to know if others have been in the same situation as myself! :)

@MsJanelle I know, I know. Come back for an update !! :)