Oh Em Gee.

It's a Friday night and guess what i'm doing. BLOGGING!
Damn i have no life. One of my guy friends "S" who likes me but is so fucking annoying just called trying to cake. Heres the convo:
JD: (deep breath) Hello
JD: Umm. Hey
S:You at the crib
JD: yeah why
S: Im about to come over.
JD: Ugh are you? (sarcasm)
S: Yeah.. what i cant?
JD: Naw im about to leave (lying)
S: Damn i cant come and say hello
JD: FOR WHAT if im about to leave?
The poor guy just kept begging.. but i don't give in to shit like that. One of my homegirls "ShaQuana" just called me asking if i wanted to go blow one and go cosmic bowling. Im considering it. Lord knows i need a job and i cant be trying to take other peoples pee to the place to take a drug test again. That shit was disgusting. I had my cousin pee in this baggie. and the shit leaked all in my pants AND IT STUNK! my stomach is super weak so i was gagging. But i learned a trick. For you weed smokers.. if u put a itty pity drop of bleach in your pee it would come out clean. It worked for me. But im not even a smoker. i will every blue moon. So dont get it twisted. But back to me being bored. This shit is for the birds. Well i'm out. Facebook i shall go.


(vixenchick) said...

hey babe! thank you for coming by my spot. have a great week!



Sexxy Luv said...

lmao @ you and the pee situation! that was too funny!

I never understood how people take other peoples pee and use it that would gross me the fk out! lol

maybe if he was offering a meal you would have took him up on the offer but just coming to say hello...shit you can say that on the phone! LOL

☆αmbєr said...

exactly. lol and i know his annoying ass would have tried to come in and chill. naw not at all..