She smashed the homie.

Talking to my friends alot of names get thrown around. Sometimes we have to refresh each others memories on what guy did what, said what, licked what etc. The majority of the females I encounter are "baggage claimers," they are quick to claim guys based on false advertisement. What I mean by that is a female can give a guy her number and she will claim him although  they have never conversed. Other examples of baggage claimers are; he flirts with her, he said she was cute, and/or he conversed with her a few times but nothing happen. Years later this same guy resurfaces and tries to holla at her home girl. This friend will block and say something like, "Girl you know I used to talk to him."

 Being a black female I know for a fact that we out number the amounts of available men. You can visually see this ratio in clubs, college campuses etc. I attended an HBCU and the amount of black females more than doubled the amounts of men. This causes girls to hover over this men like vultures before capturing its prey. Once you talk to someone you usually both can find a common person that either of you have dated. Would you be mad at your friend if you found out she was talking to a guy you previously took down? I'm not saying this guy is necessarily your ex boyfriend but an ex fling. Let me explain my situation.

My cousin was running her mouth 100 mph about all the guys that are "on her team." While talking about them, she mentioned quite a few people that I personally knew. Then she took the cake when she mentioned  my fling Terrell. Terrell and I met through mutual friends, although we didn't have a sexual relationship we were attracted to one another. By my cousin disclosing this information to me, I was immediately turned off and crossed him off my list of potentials. If your wondering why, this was my blood cousin who claimed to have messed with him, not some co-worker chick.

Fast forward to last week.

My cousin and I were at the bowling alley and long behold Terrell was there as well. Although my cousin had liquor in her system, she was very aware of her surroundings and could recognize everyone. I approached Terrell solely because he was standing beside my homeboy. I hugged my homeboy first, then I proceeded to hug Terrell. While doing so I glanced over at my cousin to see her reaction to Terrell and she didn't smile, nod, say hey, nothing. So I was like damn was she lying? She usually says hi to everyone else she took down, so why no hello to Terrell.
I honestly think she was claiming baggage that was never hers to begin with. So I'm questioning whether I should ask Terrell myself if they messed around or should I just leave the situation alone? Although I think Terrell can be a jerk, I am attracted to him. My only dilemma is based off my cousin screwing him. If she really did, I can't get jiggy with that.


KeshaKa$h said...

Uuuummm I'd say if you like the guy then Yes I would ask to make sure that they didn't mess around (which they eprobly didn't since she didn't even aknowledge him)..but if not I'd just leave it alone!

Amber. said...

@KeshaKa$h. I agree with eveything you said. I just have to ask him I guess. Thanks for commenting

Xay B. said...
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Xay B. said...

Definitely weird to hear. From a guy's perspective this is something that never really happens unless its someone your serious with.

Amber. said...

@xay real sh-t I only claim boyfriends aka serious relationships. If its anything less than that I wouldn't care.. But my cousin does hoe idk.

Xay B. said...

Hope she grows out of it. I'm still on campus and I'm part of a frat so I really don't have room to try n claim unless homegirl is someone I'm going to be with for a while.